AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 22.08.2014

Reborn Armor has been improved
XP Items has been added to the Server
XP Item Trader NPC has been added to the Server
Stone of Ice available

Some changes due Droplist.
G78 Droprate extended.
Token of Fidelity droprate increased and extended.[Basic]
Spin Slash damage increased.
Token of Fidelity Prize decreased [Dona Merchant, Premium]

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 08.08.2014

The rules have been updated, so make sure to read them.
By logging in you agree to abide by the rules.

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 28.07.2014

Token of Fidelity [Basic]       (Drop)       Added.
Token of Fidelity [Advance]  (Event)      Added.
Token of Fidelity [Premium] (Donation) Added.
95+ Area changed to 90+.
Old reborn area changed to 100+.
Royal Tomb overworked and only accessible with a Token of Fidelity.

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 16.07.2014

New Items Ingame: 600 Meds, g14/g16 Speed Ups.
Those are dropable and stored at the Donation Merchant.
New spawns at Tower of Devah.
G72 droprate extended.

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 03.07.2014

Server Reset today 3. July at around 6-8pm GMT+1.Everything gonna be deleted.
Exp gonna be reduced by 50%, Armor Grades, Weapons and Reborn doesnt change.
Get ready for a good start and keep on voting.
Donation Coins will be restored, contact email:
Dona Recovery: The email should contain your old Ingame Name, donation date, secret Number,
Payment Method and Amount +NEW NICKNAME!

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 21.03.2014

D6 have been added to the Server. 2 Renewed Bosse's (they drop g85)
Yet some Rooms are empty, we are looking for new Monsters.
Reborn Weapons have been added to the Server, you ll be able to use them soon

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 06.03.2014

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 05.03.2014

New updater available in the download section.

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 10.02.2014

3rd Job Pvp Skill Damage have been massive reduced.
Broken Items now can be traded in for g78 Armor instead of g65.
Mining NPC been added at temp Fort, youre now able to trade
youre fishes for nice Items!

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 21.11.2013

New ToP's been added to the Server (Ultimate and Sidestep)
New g80 Armor been added to the Server
Queens Accesoires now available at the Donation Merchant
New Armor and ToPs drop ingame at several places. Ask the Players,
MOD's or GM's for more Informations.

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 03.11.2013

Update and some Important Server changes:
Grade 72 Armor drops from single Mobs
Droprate from g50,g55,g60,g62,g65,g70 has been increased by 10x
g75 Droprate increased
Level request for 3rd Job will be set back to lvl 70
New afk/mining System has been added, gain 1x Golden Coin each 30 minutes
- which can be traded for Dona Tokens
Xill Spawns are back at Mine

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 30.09.2013

Letter Event completed.
Sanctuary Weapons released.
[Updater/Connection issues? = use the Manual Patch in Green letters from this site, below]

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline 25.09.2013

Exp Rate at many Areas has been raised (ToP, 95+ Area, GV Splahsy, GV Devils and more)!
Stun kill from many Mobs in popular Areas removed= comfortable lvling.
All Bosses drops now g65+ (High lvl Bosses up to g72/78) NO MORE Crap drops!

AS Reloaded V4 KalOnline01.09.2013

Welcome all! AS Reloaded V3!! We are back with a Server Reset at: 01.September 5pm GMT
New Client is available later at evening, for those with Updater Problems

Donation Coins will be given back!

75x - 100x Exp
50x Droprate
More Infos soon...

26.05.15 / 09:27 AM